All of our writing comes through submissions, and we welcome pitches from writers at every level.
2021 Submission Deadlines
*dates are subject to change

Issue 9
Pitches due
: March 4
Published in May

Issue 10
Pitches due: July 1
Published in September

Issue 11
Pitches due: October 28
Published in January
For Writers
Pitch us a story!

In each issue, we’re looking for  Feature-length articles (1500-2000 words) on a visual arts-related topic that has some connection to our region, current exhibitions in the region, or current events that impact visual arts in our region. This might look like a critical investigation of a single exhibition or series of exhibitions, interviews with artists or art workers, or something else you’ve been stewing on as long as it relates to recent events in the region.

Fill out this quick form to pitch us on what you want to write! We won’t be able to publish everything that is submitted, but we will review all submissions and be in touch with feedback as soon as we can.

For Exhibition Spaces

We don’t take submissions straight from institutions, but we can offer some tips on how to get your project covered.

- Invite writers you think might be interested to your show and tell them about Cornelia as well as other local or national publications you’d like to see the project covered in.

- Describe your project in relation to larger dialogues or discourses in our region or in the world. Make sure to take really good photos of your work.

- Occasionally we can’t run a story in print because we don’t have high-resolution photos for the magazine.We are open to submissions from all kinds of writers at all skill levels, as long as they are open to being edited!

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